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Baby steps towards excellent communication skills

Lienke Pet and I are launching our next initiative, Luisteren met Lef…! We are busy creating sessions, training, and coachings to ensure team or management listening becomes easier in these difficult times.

Until then, I will take a quick break to enjoy the interaction between my two growing sons (7 and 5) and their 6 month old sister. My boys have set themselves the goal of keeping their sister entertained, much to the hilarity of her, my partner, and myself. It is wonderful to see how they observe her, sneak around her like a tiger… and then surprise her for the greatest possible burst of laughter.
And they?
I probably imagine it, but it seems she consciously takes part in the game; that she has already been eyeing those creeping big brothers, throws me a look of understanding and then adds a little extra. Anything to make the moment last a little longer.
I thoroughly enjoy their beautiful interplay, while reading a book that shares insights about listening. The entire book, meanwhile, is shaded almost entirely in yellow (with green and blue outliers for the really, really, really beautiful images 😉).

Do these inspire you?

"When you read this book, you will find, like me, that listening is more than just hearing what people say. It also means paying attention to how they say it and what they do as they say it, in what context, and what what they say does to you."

"An important part of listening has to do with how you respond: the degree to which you stimulate the other person to articulate their thoughts clearly while at the same time allowing your own thoughts to take shape. When you listen carefully and deliberately, it can change your understanding of the people and the world around you, undeniably enriching your experiences and life. That way you gain wisdom and forge meaningful relationships."

(Source: Je Luistert niet, wat je niet hoort maar wel wilt weten. Kate Murphy)

Let me now what you think of those three little guppies working extensively at the moment:
Laying a beautiful and healthy relationship foundation by listening carefully to each other. I hope they continue to do this with each other and others.
By the way, I wish everyone that, and hope to be able to contribute to that soon, together with Lienke Pet. For now I am going on vacation, but stay tuned!

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